Energy Procurement

At Manhattan Energy, our energy procurement services help organizations buy, use, and manage energy so they can achieve greater energy efficiency and effectiveness and higher profit potential throughout every aspect of their operations.

We specialize in not only helping our clients obtain the most economical supply arrangement available, but also in providing our clients with ways to further reduce costs, especially in regards to new opportunities as they evolve in the market.

Manhattan Energy has a robust supplier portfolio including hundreds of electricity and natural gas suppliers around the world. This diversity allows our clients the benefits of more competitive pricing and a greater selection of energy management products and services so they can find the perfect energy solution for their unique business needs.

At Manhattan Energy, our team is highly versed in the wholesale energy market, power generation, and delivery, as well as the ways these things impact end-user cost. And, it’s because of our in-depth understanding of the market that we can simplify the purchasing and management of energy for our clients.

Manhattan Energy’s procurement service provides our clients with the right prices and best terms, and our expertise and transparency enables our clients to create and manage more focused risk management strategies for the individual needs of their facilities. Our procurement services include:

  • Identification of suitable suppliers
  • Pre-sourcing energy review
  • Request for proposal process
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Utility negotiation
  • Utility tax consulting
  • Client services execution and follow-up
  • Market and regulatory monitoring
  • Data management and reporting

It’s more important than ever to take control over your energy use and management. Manhattan Energy can help you do that.

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