Energy Data Management

Manhattan Energy’s energy data management service provides our clients with deeper insights into their organization’s use of electricity, natural gas, and water and trash so they can make strategic operational decisions using the most accurate and up-to-date data. Our customizable web-based tool enables our clients to manage, analyze, and report on their energy usage and cost data through a single, easy-to-use platform.

Our Energy Data Management Service provides our clients with a comprehensive utility view with 100% full data capture. Some of the tools featured in our 24/7 web-based service include:

  • Built-in cost and usage reporting
  • Validation and analytics tools
  • Comparison vs. prior month and year
  • Validation of charges
  • Online access to supplier and consulting contracts
  • Immediate online access to copies of actual invoices from the utility or supplier
  • Ability to upload own documents
  • Customized exception and benchmarking reports available

Manhattan Energy makes it possible for our clients to centrally manage, measure, analyze, and store all of their utility data for all of their locations around the globe. Whenever an invoice is created by a client’s utility provider, we electronically receive the data immediately, thus allowing us to audit the invoices and logically organize utility contract and invoice data and images online. We then validate the client’s energy efficiency projects and report on their performance against budget.

With Manhattan Energy’s Energy Data Management, you’ll never have to worry about missing an energy invoice again. We make sure you don’t suffer from energy billing errors or forget about your supply contracts. We take the time and stress out of your energy management process and help you reach higher profit potentials through the efficient and effective management of your energy.

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