Energy Budgeting and Forecast

It’s easy to find and analyze historical pricing data, but at Manhattan Energy, we help our clients effectively forecast future pricing so they can be prepared well in advance of volatile market changes. Armed with the information they need to make important operational decisions, our clients are better able to maximize their future profit potential.

Manhattan Energy is able to forecast better than any consulting firm in the field because we not only have access to the most relevant trading data in the industry, we also closely monitor price data to identify key trends, evaluate market fundamentals, and track technical moves in each and every energy commodity market.

At Manhattan Energy, our Forecasting service is beautifully balanced by our Budgeting service, which helps our clients develop specific budgets for all of their energy commodities today and in the future. Our budgets enable our clients to accurately project such things as utility cost components and open energy commodity positions, and we track hedge contracts so we can provide our clients with a more accurate and detailed energy forecast. We also monitor potential regulatory or tax changes that might impact a client’s account and we apply these considerations when they arise into the budgeting process.

Manhattan Energy’s Budgeting and Forecasting service is highly valued by our clients because these two services play important roles in our clients’ ability to develop more accurate energy budgets, set clearer procurement objectives, and protect themselves against fluctuations in the energy market.

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